Stunning, Valuable, Limited Edition

Argyle Art Coins

Available now – your very own limited edition Argyle Art Coin. Specially crafted to commemorate not only the 35th Anniversary of the Argyle Art Coin, but also the closure of the Argyle Mine in 2020. 

Own a piece of history by Davson. As a successful Australian artist, Davson translates her imagery onto beautifully crafted precious metals for your own pleasure. Expand your appreciation of art by owning an authentic Argyle Art Coin. 

Invest In Your Future with Australian Art

An Argyle Art Coin is first and foremost a work of art that you can treasure and keep in your family for generations. After a year in development, this work of art is spectacular. It immediately conveys unique creativity, authentic Australian stories, landscapes and history.

From deep within Australian earth came the precious metals of the ‘artist’s canvas’ to be forged and finished for you by Australian master jewellers. These masters skilfully set rare jewels from the Argyle Diamond Mine, the only diamond mine in Australia or elsewhere, to produce truly vivid and valuable pink diamonds.

Argyle Art Coins brings you authentic Davson art that will captivate and inspire your imagination, as well as enhance desired investment portfolios.

Argyle Art Coins - Argyle Art Coins