Diamond experts for generations

The Leonard’s Promise

Leonards Jewellers are classically trained to select and build diamond jewellery that is of exceptional quality and hand crafted by expert teams of designers, suppliers and jewellers.

The Leonard’s family have a history and heritage centered around providing exceptional customer service. Every client receives a personalised consultation to meet their specific needs to create a luxury jewellery piece for any occasion.

Leonards provides complimentary lifetime maintenance for jewellery purchased with us, including regular cleaning and servicing.

Leonards: A History

The Leonard family have history rich with experience in luxury jewellery. Their heritage and name can be traced back to the mid-19th century to Tessier’s of London. The Leonard family have been expert craftsmen passing down trade secrets for generations and still providing the highest quality work today.

The family immigrated to Australia in the early 20th century and set up a small store in the family home at 110 Darby Street, Cooks Hill in 1932.
The business has continued to flourish since the 30’s in the same location for over 80 years. While it may no longer be a family home, Leonards Jewellers remains just as authentic, selective and professional as when the store opened many years ago.

In the 1980s the Kimberley Argyle mine opened. This was the only mine to ever successfully exploit a lamproite vein and will likely be the only mine to ever do so. With a passion for quality, luxury and rarity, the Leonards decided to expand their repertoire and additionally started to deal in the unfathomably rare, Argyle Pink Diamonds. 35 years later, they have the largest collection of Argyle pink diamonds in Australia. Learn more about Argyle Diamonds.

Meet Craig Leonard

Craig Leonard is the resident diamond expert at Leonards Jewellers. Taking on the family trade at the age of 20, Mr. Leonard now has over 30 years industry experience and an eye for true luxury.

"My Passion Is Diamonds"

– Craig Leonard

Over 100 years experience in the diamond industry